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Remembering 9/11

Nothing to sell or teach today.  Just a few personal opinions.

What a day that was… I remember we had several people in town in Dallas that day that had flown in for a business meeting.  In between crying, staring at the news in disbelief, calling our families and just praying for all of those effected by the tragedies of that day – we scrounged up rent cars for everyone so they could drive back home to be with their own families.  The only priority on anyone’s mind was to be reunited with the ones they love so they could just hold on.  

I remember my mother calling.  She was in Europe at the time and the news was skechy at best. At one point the news mentioned Dallas airport instead of Dulles. I can only imagine her horror when hearing that, (as I was frequently flying in and out of DFW at the time) and I know the relief and gratitude when we were finally able to communicate over the phone that each was alive and well.  I remember the feeling of being able to hold my children, and my husband and thanking God that I had them.  I remember the tears at the thought that so many families suddenly didn’t have that anymore.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the atrocities that took place here in our own country.  It was a nightmare we couldn’t wake up from.  But, this nation is strong and great. Through the tragedy came strength and a unity in our nation.  We were all one in this together. We all had to deal with it in our own ways.  We saw strength, dedication, heroes from the unexpected and some of the greatest acts of kindness and bravery we will probably ever witness.

To the many families who lost someone, or everyone, my prayers are with you and yours.  There are no words that could appropriately express my feelings.  I cannot and will not even begin to try and imagine the feelings you must be experiencing.

To our soldiers, here and overseas who have and will continue to protect this great nation, my eternal thanks.  My prayers are always with you and always will be.  The sacrifices you endure in the name of keeping our nation safe, are great.  The families who sacrifice so their loved ones can serve their country – thank you as well.

Lets spend today remembering the many that were lost, saying a prayer for their friends and families, and a prayer for our soldiers overseas and at home.  

Lets spend today reflecting on the things that really matter – family.  Whether its the brothers, sisters and parents you grew up with, or the family you have built around you, let them know you love them and appreciate them.  

As for my family and friends, know how much I love and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Try an act of kindness today in honor of the ones who gave so much on that date.  Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, just to let them know you are thinking of them.  Lend a hand in your community.  Give a donation to a local charity.  Just pick something and do it.  I firmly believe in paying it forward.  I’ve seen the wonderful things that can happen from a random act of kindness.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinion.

Til the next time



Niche Marketing


When I introduced myself, I promised that I would search for and provide resources for you to build and or expand your internet marketing business.  

I promised to do this with good, sound, free or low cost tips, tricks and products to achieve this goal.  Well, here is another great resource I have found.  Frankly, I think it’s foolish NOT to check it out and give it a try.  

Daily Niche Idea

Why? Is it a rare thing to find someone giving away something of great value? You bet it is! Are you ready for it? Get ready… because I am going to hand it to you! 

I want you to spend a second just thinking over your last few internet purchases.  Does this sound scarily familiar?

~~~You spend heaps of money on the latest ‘guru’ offering. Give it a go for a bit, maybe make a couple of dollars back… but get bored.   Feel like a bit of a failure because you were told all of those other ‘noobies’ were doing it much better than you…. So you drop it and move on to the next thing… Believe me when I say that you are not alone in this frustrating cycle! Day after day people just like you are losing hope, lacking inspiration and getting ready to throw the towel in.

Maybe this might even sound more familiar:

~~~You start a project  You work hard to build it, make it look great and then…. For some reason, nobody is visiting it… It turns out that your website has an enormous amount of competition, against people who have multi-million dollar budgets.  Let’s face it, not many of us can compete with that! What you need is a niche.

~~~What if I am not creative enough? == It’s ok!  This site, which is completely free – is the perfect option for you. 

Daily Niche Idea

Every day you will be able to get a new niche suggestion! You will also get the statistics about how many people have searched for your niche – giving you a good idea of your target audience. Each week you will be given a fresh new package.  This package will include a product that you can fully rebrand as your own – including the ideas, stats and everything you need to make this happen!  

Along with the free product, you will also be shown how to monetize your site – by providing a high converting affiliate product relating to each topic- so you can put the information all together with the website builder tools, in next to no time! 

It’s all about giving you the ideas, tools and tips to help you on the road to financial freedom!

Have a look for yourself, and grab access – while it’s still free to join!

Till the next time!


Daily Niche Idea



Resell Rights for Newbies

It’s no secret to the subscribers that have been with me for a while now that I don’t just recommend everything and anything that comes down the pike.  I find it more important to be objective with my reviews so that you can make a sound decision about the products and services you’ll use for your business.

Now I do make money by marketing products online as an affiliate, but I only endorse them if they meet or exceed their stated values.  So how does this relate to you?  Well, it means that I take an in-depth look at Internet marketing products on the market and I share my objective findings with you so then you can make an informed decision.

Today’s review is on a program called ‘Resell Rights For Newbies’ from Liz Tomey and John Hostler.  Now I don’t often get excited about resell products but this is something a little bit different…‘Resell Rights For Newbies’ is actually a complete system designed to teach new marketers how to start and build their own Internet business from scratch, using resell rights products.  

The reason the system is built around resell rights products is because of their low barrier to entry. Low barrier to entry simply means that you could quickly and easily secure resell rights products and turn them for profits.You avoid the pitfalls of product creation, yet enjoy the rewards as if they were your own… most importantly keeping all the profits for yourself.

Now with that said, this does not mean if you run out and purchase a 20 pack of resell rights products that you will make thousands the very next day.  And that’s why most programs fall short…they sell the sizzle and not the steak. They tell you that by purchasing resell rights products you are sure to make money.  You see, it’s still a business and must be treated as such. In order to be successful with Resell Rights products you need to:

• know where to find quality products that aren’t being marketed by everyone under the sun

know how to set up a web site to market those products

• have the marketing tricks up your sleeve to be able to move the products

• know how to drive traffic to your web site

Thus the beauty of ‘Resell Rights For Newbies’.  This is a complete system for profits with resell rights products.  It is a step by step program that covers the 4 crucial components above by way of video tutorials, ebooks, and a web based tool kit.  The 12 video tutorials, are straight to the point learning tools that will teach you everything you need to know about getting, creating, and starting your own web site and finding quality resell rights products to sell.  The 3 info packed PDF’s are filled with valuable information about marketing methods and strategies for selling your new resell rights products.  And the ’24 Hour Plan’ PDF was designed to have you making sales and your first profits within 24 hours…

Liz and John really went to town with ‘Resell Rights For Newbies’ and have laid out a system that anyone can follow, regardless of experience level.  It’s no fluff and because it’s been done in multimedia, accommodates people with all different types of learning styles.  Oh, and if you’re feeling weary because you’ve heard it all before…well, Liz and John have done the unthinkable and made this available for FREE for a limited time.  

The bottom line on ‘Resell Rights For Newbies’ is that it’s a weapon you should put in your   marketing arsenal…and quickly.

Resell Rights For Newbies 

Til the next time!

Jeannie Brouwer

Resell Rights For Newbies

Reasons to get in on a Joint Venture


A joint venture is nothing more than an agreement in which two or more partners (or businesses) work on a project for a set period of time. These projects can be short term or long term.   Joint ventures can include a wide array of projects and promotions in many forms. The benefits of joint venturing truly are endless.  Here is just a list of a few of the things that can be accomplished through joint venturing:

1. You can increase your credibility by teaming up with other reputable, branded businesses.  This is great when you are fairly new and still building your reputation.  A common method for this is participating in give away events with a better known marketer.  It is also widely used when launching a new product you have created.  The more well-known marketers you are working with, the larger the list of potential subscribers and or customers.

2. You can get free or discounted products and services. Many marketers will trade products and services for the option of posting or publicizing a review to your list or blog.  Not only does this get the word out to more people, it also enables you to build your list. (We always want to build our list!)

3.  You can get an edge on your competition.  Obviously if you are partnered with one or more people when marketing, then you have the ability to target a much larger audience.  This gives you the opportunity to outsell your competition.  For example – a well known marketer is launching a new product.  You and your partner(s) are affiliate marketers participating in the launch.  So are about 50 other people.  Your joint venture has a potential of targeting more customers by sending to multiple lists…. that’s a larger target audience….see where I am going?

4. You can solve your business problems.  Sometimes teaming up with a partner (especially one with more experience) leads you to some shortcuts or solutions to problems you may have been experiencing in your own business.  Learn from their experience and expertise – the time, money and frustration you may save yourself makes this priceless!

5.  A great economical reason to participate in a jointventure is the ability to share or offset some of the advertising and marketing expenses you would normally incur.  In these times especially, that is a pretty compelling reason to consider joint ventures.

6. There is a lot to be said for volume sales.  If you participate in a joint venture and can increase your target audience, not only do you build your list, but you can increase your ROI (return on investment) and possibly lower the cost of your product – or just make more money! 

7. Sometimes, participating in a joint venture is just the leg up you may need to create new or increased funding sources and lines of credit.

8.  You can find and create new distribution channels for your products.  This is priceless and can carry on throughout your marketing career.  

9.  The alliances you build with other businesses and marketers will open up new opportunities in ways you may not even think of at this time.  A great example I saw recently was a product launch of interviews conducted with 5 different marketers in their specific fields of expertise. The person launching this had joint ventured with these individuals at various different times over the last few years and culminated it all now into a new product to sell and teach with.  That’s pretty savvy marketing if you ask me.

10. You can almost always offer more bonuses to your customers as a result of combining your resources.  Sometimes, when there are several affiliate marketers competing for the same sales – the bonuses are the cincher in the deal.

As I said earlier, these are just a few of the numerous benefits of considering a joint venture opportunity.  There are too many more to try and list here today.  I probably couldn’t think of all of them right now anyway.

Hope this information is as beneficial to you as I intended. Remember, my goal here is to find you good, solid, free or inexpensive tools, tricks and tips for launching and growing your internet business.

Till the next time!


Wordpress under attack – Update now!!


Update immediately to 2.8.4 if you have anything older – update it now!!!

Otto42 of OttoDestruct, a key WordPress developer and supporter, reports that there is an “attack” on older versions of WordPress right now. The number of sites hit by this is growing every hour. Protect your WordPress blog now: UPDATE NOW!!!

Things You Need to Know Now

UPDATE NOW! Reports are that this attack impacts ALL versions of WordPress up to 2.8.4, the most recent release.  Report from WordPress on Attack: How to Keep WordPress Secure. Information on the most recent update of WordPress that prevented this attack on updated WordPress sites: WordPress 2.8.4: Security Release.

What Version Am I Using? If you dont have a nag screen that alerts you to update – you have a version that needs updating now.  No exceptions.

Some people are suggesting to use a WordPress Plugin for Protection: Do not rely upon a WordPress Plugin to protect you. There are many reports of Plugins that will “help” in the comments. While they might help in other ways, please upgrade now. That is the only solution if your site has not been impacted.

WordPress is Not Secure: WordPress is incredibly secure and monitored constantly by experts in web security. This attack was well anticipated and so far, WordPress 2.8.4 is holding. If necessary, WordPress will immediately release a update with further security improvements. WordPress is used by governments, huge corporations, and me, around the world. Millions of bloggers are using Have faith they are working overtime to monitor this situation and protect your blog.

Fear of Upgrading: This attack is serious enough to overcome all your fears of updating. If older WordPress Plugins are holding you back, update them to the latest version or replace them with new. If your Theme might break, contact the Theme author and update or replace it. There are thousands of free Themes to choose from, probably some better than what you are using. If you are using a recent version of WordPress, updating is as easy as clicking a couple buttons. If you are using an older version, download the most recent version and upgrade now.

What to do if site has already been attacked:  There are two clues that your WordPress site has been attacked.  There are strange additions to the pretty permalinks, such as$%7Beval(base64_decode($_SERVER%5BHTTP_REFERER%5D))%7D%7D|.+)&%/.   The keywords are “eval” and “base64_decode.”

The second clue is that a “back door” was created by a “hidden” Administrator. Check your site users for “Administrator (2)” or a name you do not recognize. You will probably be unable to access that account, but Journey Etc. has a possible solution.

To Prevent Your WordPress Blog from Attack, update your WordPress site IMMEDIATELY to the latest version. Change ALL passwords to a strong password immediately, including WordPress blog access for all users, database, FTP, control panels, everything.

If Your WordPress Blog Has Been Attacked:  If your site has already been attacked, it appears that the hack attacks the database, going deep. We’re looking for solutions, but the easiest appears to be to export all your content with the built-in XML WordPress export (pre 2.1 versions, try the WordPress-to-WordPress Import WordPress Plugin) and literally remove your WordPress installation totally (save images and general files). DO NOT EXPORT YOUR DATABASE! Install the latest version of WordPress and add the “clean” backup of your WordPress Theme, then import the XML export. The export will contain your posts, Pages, and comments, and hopefully no other hacked code.

“How To Completely Clean Your Hacked WordPress Installation” by Smackdown is a good article on how to reinstall WordPress after being hacked, but take care to keep your export limited to the post content and comments (and Pages), not the entire database as the hack goes into the database.

WordPress has been requesting users update as soon as an update is released for several years. They also now have a excellent team to track down this issue and quickly protect WordPress with any necessary updates.

Please blog and Twitter about the attacks. It’s important that we spread the information throughout the WordPress Community as fast as possible, encouraging everyone to update WordPress. Take care not to promote rumors, just the facts, until we know more.

If you have pertinent information that will help the WordPress team track down and stop this attack, please report it to

Check the WordPress Support Forum for more information and support. Also check for news and announcements on security issues and updates on the WordPress Development Blog and in your WordPress blog Dashboard Panel.

Please, keep your WordPress site constantly updated. You are now informed of updates directly through the Administration Panels. Act upon it.  The following are additional articles, posts about this security issue.

WordPress Codex – FAQ – My Site Was Hacked

Journey Etc – WordPress Permalink RSS Problems

Old Worldpress Versions Under Attack

SmackDown – How to Completely Clean Your Hacked WordPress Installation

WordPress Codex – Hardening WordPress (security protection)

BlogSecurity – WordPress Security Predictions in 2009

Technorati: Vulnerable WordPress Blogs Not Being Indexed

The Correct Way To Report A Security Issue With WordPress

Firewalling and Hack Proofing Your WordPress Blog

Smashing Magazine – 10 Steps To Protect The Admin Area In WordPress


Will wonders never cease – Google Wonder Wheel

Lets face it, getting started or building up your online business is all about traffic!  Yes SEO is not only valuable, its NECESSARY!  Learn what you can about generating websites that are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.  Do your research.  When searching for keywords, search for long tail keywords as well. Which leads me to a great new tool available at Google.  Its called the Wonder Wheel.  

It not only gives you some of the best ranking keywords in your niche, it also gives you related searches.  Its a free tool, and it works!  When online marketing, a big key is to use all the tools you can find to make your site the best it can be.  

Remember, quality gets the customers coming back!  If you have good, quality articles, merchandise, and related ads to your niche, then you will get organic traffic to your sites.  Keeping that content fresh and updated, keeps them coming back.  

Think about it, when you search a keyword and then go to a site, if it has exactly what you are looking for, then it becomes a favorite!  If I need to access that info again, or MAKE ANOTHER PURCHASE, I’m going back to the site that had what I wanted in the first place.

Now, getting back to the Wheel, using the tool is easy.  Go to your Google Search and type in Camping Equipment (thats my example for today, use whatever you want).  Once the results come up, select show options then click on the Wonder Wheel link on your left side of the screen. The results?  A wheel is displayed with Camping Equipment in the center, and all the related searches around it – just like a wagon wheel.  In my search the additional results that came up were RV supplies, camping gear, camping cooking gear, backpacking equipment, camping world, camping equipment ist, and camping tents.  

Well if you have a site that sells equipment, you just got a ready made request form of other items you can offer as well.  You have also been given a list of article topics for fresh content, and a list of long tail keywords.  Not bad for a free tool!

As I have said before, use all the tools you can to make your sites be the best they can be. Quality and fresh content will keep your users coming back and new ones visiting your site.  When you are marketing, remember to make your customers first.  Just like in the real world – quality gets your customers and fresh content and great service keeps them coming back for more!

Till the next time!

Want to Maximize your Clickbank Earnings?

Clickbank is one of the giants of internet marketing, occupying the most important and valuable spot in the affiliate marketing universe. With thousands of products available for marketers to promote, the potential for earning massive amounts on Clickbank products is very, very real. If you’ve ever struggled to maximise your Clickbank returns, or just felt let down by the amount of conversions and earnings that your Clickbank sites are bringing you, then you’d better read on and be amazed at the simple tricks that can earn you a massively-successful Clickbank income.

Are you read for a high six figure income, generated all from the comfort of your own home? Clickbank offers many hugely profitable and successful products for marketers to refer, but without the right combination of long-term marketing strategy, and short-term PR and advertising know how, your Clickbank business could be dead before it even launches. Without strategy, any business will struggle to make back its money in effort, even with the most dedicated and motivated team behind it. Don’t become one of those marketers pulling 80 hours weeks just to keep their sites in the public eye, instead become a smart marketer; continually optimising your pages and studying the most profitable and important examples, digesting their tactics and using them for yourself.

This free report, compiled using information and techniques from some of the world’s most successful Clickbank marketers, is just what you need in order to supercharge your Clickbank success. With a massive amount of information included, this report is the perfect cure for anyone that’s tired of low Clickbank earnings, poor traffic and conversions, and a high hop rate. Turn those problems into massive success stories by investing in the smartest traffic and marketing techniques, and watch your success come straight to you.

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Don’t despair, your Clickbank worries can and will disappear when you apply the right principles, ideas, and strategies to your business. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, instead focus on what the most successful and influential marketers are doing. That’s where the true secret to success lies — in making the most of the most important and successful tactics, and using them to ruthlessly optimise your online business. A six-figure Clickbank income really is possible, and it is just a small amount of marketing and business knowledge away from you. This free report, full of the most valuable Clickbank advice offered by the most successful affiliate marketers, could be your step into the most profitable online journey you ever take.

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Until next time!

Giving a Boost to your Google Adwords Campaign

Starting an AdWords campaign is a mission that requires many tasks, tests, and small jobs. Whether you’re launching a new product of your own, marketing a product that someone else made, or just gathering data to use in your next product launch, selecting keywords, choosing advertising copy, and picking ad frequency can all prove to be massively stressful activities both on their own, and certainly when put altogether. Instead of making yourself take care of all of these activities, day after day, you can use innovative new tools to make your AdWords experience much more simple and enjoyable.

Just what are these tools? Before we start on any specific software, it’s important to establish just why and how these tools can really help you. If you’re anything like the standard AdWords user, you’ve had months where very few of your ads have converted. You likely swore it off as something that just occasionally happens, and nothing that you could do anything about. Well, by using some of this innovative software, you can make sure that those months don’t happen any more. By stress-testing keywords before you order your ads, you can make sure you’ll only be bidding on the best, most consistently profitable keywords.

It all comes down to results, and with many internet marketers not getting the ones that they want from their AdWords campaigns, it’s time to change the strategy. AdWords are truly a mission for the serious internet marketer, and without the proper set of tools helping to guide your journey, you’re destined to see little to no results from your advertising campaigns.

Want to scratch that possibility, and leave your AdWords ads converting and creating sales like crazy? This free report, written using some of the most vital, cutting edge and optimised AdWords information and strategies, is the perfect companion for your AdWords work. Whether you’re marketing hair ties or sports cars, this report contains the strategies and principles that the most successful marketers use to make sure that their advertising campaigns truly work!

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Completely free, and packed full of information, this report gives you all the details that you need to know about the latest and greatest AdWords applications, tools, and strategic resources. If you’re serious about your AdWords advertising, you’d better do your best to make sure you apply them.

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To your success!

Clickbank Starter Kit

Are you getting sick of sitting in your car for an hour on the way to your stuffy office? Sick and tired of dealing with a boss that doesn’t appreciate you, or treat you for what you’re worth? If you’re ever thought about leaving your job to create a scalable and enjoyable online income, now is the best time by far to do it.

With so many online tools out there that can create a simple income for you online, and present you with lucrative benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more people are giving up the 9-5 in order to master the world of online affiliate marketing.  Not sure about affiliate marketing? Don’t worry; every great affiliate marketer started in just the same spot as you. When you’re growing frustrated in your current career, there’s nothing wiser than picking a new choice that allows you the freedom to work from home and truly master your own income.

Instead of earning money for someone else and only ever receiving a small slice of the pie, you can utilise the wide array of affiliate marketing programs to create an income that flies directly into your bank account, free of the grabbing hands of corporate accountants. One of the most popular tools for creating an online affiliate marketing career is Clickbank. A massive online marketplace, Clickbank serves up thousands of different products, all of which are available for affiliate marketers to earn sweet commissions on.  With products in hundreds of different categories, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a massive amount of products that both align with your passions and your commercial interests.

Want to get started right away? If you’ve got absolutely no experience working online, don’t think that you’re not right for this lifestyle. With just a small amount of online education, you can turn yourself from a frustrated office worker into someone that’s creating a massive online income. This free report is packed with information designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of Clickbank usage, and help intermediate and advanced users master their online affiliate income.

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Ready to start? It’s truly as simple as finding something to sell, and completely dominating that niche market. Even if you’re an absolute beginner, you can teach yourself the skills and abilities required to absolutely dominate the online market, and create a massive income for yourself at the same time. This free report really is the best place to start, and regardless of your current level of Clickbank proficiency, you’ll learn something new and valuable from it.  

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Till the next time!


Free Marketing Graphics!!

Exciting news for all internet marketers.

I came across this great product that is a definite plus in my books.

Not only does it make the job of an internet marketer easier, faster and with a great professional look, they are offering it for free.

Imagine that! Finding great professional work like this will cost a fortune, not to mention if you even try to design them yourself�.

I am sure it will consume your days leaving no time to attend to anything else. I must say that the graphics are great and the quality is superb, just what you need to grab attention and to help make that sale.

You can use these for

-Opt In forms
-Order Now Buttons
-Download now Buttons
-Guarantee Buttons
- and more…

And the best part is, the are All for free.

To find out more, click here…

Free Graphics