Lets face it, getting started or building up your online business is all about traffic!  Yes SEO is not only valuable, its NECESSARY!  Learn what you can about generating websites that are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.  Do your research.  When searching for keywords, search for long tail keywords as well. Which leads me to a great new tool available at Google.  Its called the Wonder Wheel.  

It not only gives you some of the best ranking keywords in your niche, it also gives you related searches.  Its a free tool, and it works!  When online marketing, a big key is to use all the tools you can find to make your site the best it can be.  

Remember, quality gets the customers coming back!  If you have good, quality articles, merchandise, and related ads to your niche, then you will get organic traffic to your sites.  Keeping that content fresh and updated, keeps them coming back.  

Think about it, when you search a keyword and then go to a site, if it has exactly what you are looking for, then it becomes a favorite!  If I need to access that info again, or MAKE ANOTHER PURCHASE, I’m going back to the site that had what I wanted in the first place.

Now, getting back to the Wheel, using the tool is easy.  Go to your Google Search and type in Camping Equipment (thats my example for today, use whatever you want).  Once the results come up, select show options then click on the Wonder Wheel link on your left side of the screen. The results?  A wheel is displayed with Camping Equipment in the center, and all the related searches around it – just like a wagon wheel.  In my search the additional results that came up were RV supplies, camping gear, camping cooking gear, backpacking equipment, camping world, camping equipment ist, and camping tents.  

Well if you have a site that sells equipment, you just got a ready made request form of other items you can offer as well.  You have also been given a list of article topics for fresh content, and a list of long tail keywords.  Not bad for a free tool!

As I have said before, use all the tools you can to make your sites be the best they can be. Quality and fresh content will keep your users coming back and new ones visiting your site.  When you are marketing, remember to make your customers first.  Just like in the real world – quality gets your customers and fresh content and great service keeps them coming back for more!

Till the next time!