Nothing to sell or teach today.  Just a few personal opinions.

What a day that was… I remember we had several people in town in Dallas that day that had flown in for a business meeting.  In between crying, staring at the news in disbelief, calling our families and just praying for all of those effected by the tragedies of that day – we scrounged up rent cars for everyone so they could drive back home to be with their own families.  The only priority on anyone’s mind was to be reunited with the ones they love so they could just hold on.  

I remember my mother calling.  She was in Europe at the time and the news was skechy at best. At one point the news mentioned Dallas airport instead of Dulles. I can only imagine her horror when hearing that, (as I was frequently flying in and out of DFW at the time) and I know the relief and gratitude when we were finally able to communicate over the phone that each was alive and well.  I remember the feeling of being able to hold my children, and my husband and thanking God that I had them.  I remember the tears at the thought that so many families suddenly didn’t have that anymore.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the atrocities that took place here in our own country.  It was a nightmare we couldn’t wake up from.  But, this nation is strong and great. Through the tragedy came strength and a unity in our nation.  We were all one in this together. We all had to deal with it in our own ways.  We saw strength, dedication, heroes from the unexpected and some of the greatest acts of kindness and bravery we will probably ever witness.

To the many families who lost someone, or everyone, my prayers are with you and yours.  There are no words that could appropriately express my feelings.  I cannot and will not even begin to try and imagine the feelings you must be experiencing.

To our soldiers, here and overseas who have and will continue to protect this great nation, my eternal thanks.  My prayers are always with you and always will be.  The sacrifices you endure in the name of keeping our nation safe, are great.  The families who sacrifice so their loved ones can serve their country – thank you as well.

Lets spend today remembering the many that were lost, saying a prayer for their friends and families, and a prayer for our soldiers overseas and at home.  

Lets spend today reflecting on the things that really matter – family.  Whether its the brothers, sisters and parents you grew up with, or the family you have built around you, let them know you love them and appreciate them.  

As for my family and friends, know how much I love and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Try an act of kindness today in honor of the ones who gave so much on that date.  Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, just to let them know you are thinking of them.  Lend a hand in your community.  Give a donation to a local charity.  Just pick something and do it.  I firmly believe in paying it forward.  I’ve seen the wonderful things that can happen from a random act of kindness.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinion.

Til the next time